JJ2A Digital 2″Index Head

Renishaw circular raster is adopted as the basis of angle measurement.
Resolution of digital display of angle is 1″, with higher measuring precision.
The angle measured can be displayed in degree, minute and second by digital readout.
Double-globe spherical bearing is used in the main shaft of index head,realize smooth running and strong wear and abrasion resistanle

Granite and cast iron base available for selection

JJ2A Digital 2″ index head is a precision optical instrument to graduate and inspect the angle of work piece clamped in the main shaft, suitable for the inspection on cam, gear, leading screw and irregular parts. In addition, it is equipped with special accessories to measure cam lift and geometric shape.

Technical Parameters 
Range of measurement: 0°~360°
Resolution of digital display of angle: 1″or 0.0001°
The measurement accuracy: 4″
Temperature: 20℃ ± 3℃
Central height of thimble: 150 mm
Center distance of thimble: 1000 mm
Adjustment range of main shaft pitch: 0°~90°
Size of main shaft taper: Morse 4#
Size of tailstock taper: Morse 4#
Central height of tailstock: 2 mm adjustable
Dimension(mm) 1650×600×590
Weight: 650 kg

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