WKXⅡ Steel Inspectoscope

The plane raster dispersion element is adopted, with clear and bright spectrum lines and high resolution ratio.
With a high speed, the spectral analysis has no damages to machine members.
This instrument is light and portable, easy to carry, convenient for use and stable in property.
This instrument is especially suitable for the material analysis of those immovable or indestructibility metal machine members.

This instrument is suitable for the real-time spectrum qualitative analysis or semi-quantitative analysis on metal materials.
Key elements analyzed include:
Steel:  W, Mn, V, Mo, Ni, Co, Ti, Al, Zr, Si, Cu, Nb, etc.;
Copper Alloy:  Zn, Ni, Mn, Fe, Pb, Sn, Al, Be, Bi, etc.;

Aluminum Alloy:  Mg, Cu, Mn, Fe, Si, Zn, etc..

Technical Parameters
Spectrum wavelength range observed:  390~700nm
Dispersive elements:  Plane diffraction grating, scratch of 1200 lines per mm
Dispersive power:  1.84nm/mm
Theoretical resolution ratio of the instrument (primary spectrum):  R=48000
Collimating objective:  Focus distance f = 300mm; 
Relative aperture D/f = 1: 6
Magnifying power of the microscope:  1.5×
Magnifying power of the eyepiece:  10×
Crack width:  (10±2μm)
Dimension: 600×165×200 (mm)
Weight:   5kg
Requirement for power supply:  220V of AC supply, perfectly earthed

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