JJ4 40″Optical Inclinometer

High in measurement accuracy; with a bubble cell of high sensitivity and a fully-enclosed optical dial disc adopted.
Convenient in readings; with dial and micrometric video data simultaneously displaying on the eyepiece field.
Good in stability; The base plate of the instrument is of high hardness and good wear resistanle.

Portable type.The natural light is adopted to illuminate,without any electricity supply.

The optical inclinometer is a kind of metric meter to measure the angular position between the plane (or cylinder face) placed and the level surface in the space. Its is mainly applied in: 
Mechanical installation and leveling engineering and horizontal trim of the deck plate for machine tools;
Measuring and detecting 3 rotary angles of the worktable for machine tools and the inclined angle between large-scale structures;
Checking the vertical deviations and their relevant depths of parallelism in front, back, left and right for machine tools;
Measuring angles and their rotary angles of larger parts.

Technical Parameters
Instrument accuracy:  40″
Span of metal dial scale:  1°
Span of glass dial scale:  1°
Minimum value of division:  1′
Scale span of long bubble cell:  30″/2mm
Scale span of horizontal bubble cell:  4′/2mm
Measurement Range:  ±120°
Dimension(mm): 182×182×114mm

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