Introduction of SINPO Measuring Software

Basic geometrical measurement: including measurements of point (one or more), line, circle, arc, ellipse, rectangle and curve;
Abundant measuring functions: including automatic search of optimized boundary point, automatic line measurement, automatic circle measurement, automatic arc measurement; automatic line identification, automatic circle identification, automatic arc identification; box-selecting point, line, circle (one or more), arc and ellipse; manual mouse acquisition;
Combination measurement: combining point, line and circle to achieve the geometrical calculations of distance, included angle and intersection point among point, line and circle;
Shape-position error measurement: including parallelism, verticality, gradient, position, concentricity and symmetry;
Coordinate system setting: coordinate parallel shift, coordinate rotation, Origin of coordinate conversion, or resetting coordinate system, against the original one;
Size marking: marking length, angle, radius and diameter in the drawing window, convenient to operation, just as operating CAD software;
Output of measurement results: graphics and measurement results can be output by WORD, EXCEL, DXF or in statement report;
Automatic focusing: by adjusting Z-axis, focusing indication curve will generated and the software can choose the best focusing distance, so that manual focusing error will be avoided effectively;
Image amplification function: Video window can be locally amplified by the small window at the lower right corner, which help to aiming workpiece more accurately;

Learning function: For mass inspection, the measurement process can be automatically carried out after programming measurement path one time and set measurement times (only for CNC type).

SINPO Measuring Software Functions Software interface

Routine measurement

Macro measurement function

It means to assign some instructions of measurement and configuration on a button. Clicking on the button will execute macro measuring function, which can automatically carry out configuration, reduce user’s mouse clicks, and improve work efficiency.
16 sets of macro measuring functions are provided by the software and user himself/herself can compile the icons of macro measuring function buttons. The interface of macro measuring function is shown below.

Automatic identification measurement (automatic identification
of line, circle and arc)
Click , then entangle the edge with mouse circle, thus it is automatic to search the side to obtain line, circle or arc. For example, the circle is automatically framed as below.

Element construction

This software has a powerful function of element construction, which offers 10 construction methods (translation, rotation, extraction, combination, parallel, verticality, mirror image, symmetry, intersection and tangency) to construct geometrical element. Element construction makes user's difficult measurement easier, thus improve the work efficiency.
Data showing with wide variety of results
Following legend shows the dialog box of message settings of circle element.

Setup of multi workpiece coordinate system

Multi workpiece coordinate system can be set up in accordance with drawings, to realize the change among all coordinate systems, to realize the inter-conversion between rectangular coordinate system and polar coordinate system, as well as to realize the storage and call of all workpiece coordinate systems. The following legend is the figure after setting up two coordinate systems.

Convenient and efficient setup of user program

By means of parallel shift and rotation, user program can be set up. The following figure shows two users programs after parallel shift and rotation.
By means of these two methods, programming efficiency of workpiece will be improved greatly. Especially for some workpieces with regularly arranged elements to be measured, this programming is very convenient and efficient.

Function of marking

It is able to mark angle, distance (along X- or Y- direction), circle/arc radius, diameter and arc length on the element graphs in drawing area and image area directly , give a clear appearance to user
Measured element and marking can be synchronously displayed on image window and drawing window; the drawn graphics can be hidden on image window. In addition the graph element on image window and 2D graph window can be deleted or selected. The following figure shows the distance of the two circles along X- and Y- direction, as well as the circle diameter.

Data introduced automatically in SPC
After setting up workpiece data in our professional SPC software, as long as completing one workpiece, the data will be automatically introduced into SPC database. It is not required to be converted by TXT document or third-party software. The whole process can complete automatically, do not ask man made intervention.

Function of auto focusing and image height measurement

The software characterized by image focusing and height measurement with high precision. In the case when optical magnification exceeds 2.0X, the focusing repeatability can reach 0.003 mm (at the surface of standard gauge block).

Multi motion control modes

The software offers nine modes of motion control, convenient for user to move worktable.

Auxiliary light control

Light control indicator will show the best of light intensity to avoid the measuring error caused by lighting and in the mean time improve measurement accuracy and measurement efficiency.

3D contacting measurement (optional)

The software supports to install a simple probe on Video Measuring Machine to realize 3D measurement.
Functions supported by 3D measurement are as follows:
1.Elements to be measured: point, circle, plane, cylinder, cone, ball, distance, height.
2.Elements to be constructed: plane, angle, distance.
3.Form-position tolerance: verticality, parallelism, gradient, coaxiality.
4.Measuring projection circle through spatial rotation plane.
Laser measurement (optional)

The software has a powerful function of laser measurement. For those problems, which are difficult to be solved by image and probe measuring, such as high-speed planarity measuring, fine concave-convex point and V-angle measuring, as well as high precision scanning of curved surface, laser measurement has dominant position.
Laser measurement can be integrated into CNC image measurement software. At present, laser can be used to measure point, height and planarity; scan straight line, circle and curved surface. The data obtained by laser measurement can be stored in DXF or IGES format. 

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